Heart-based living

Heart-based kindness versus niceness

May 20, 2022 Real Time Heart-Based Season 1 Episode 14
Heart-based living
Heart-based kindness versus niceness
Show Notes

Nigel and Tricia discuss heart-based kindness versus niceness. 

In life, we are regularly caught up in systems that are meant to be helpful however often lack the flexibility and capability to accommodate unique and specific needs. 

Help is often provided with politeness, doing things with a smile, adhering to protocols however the systems themselves often lack a human approach. 

People are looking to be truly heard and understood,  as often life issues are more complex, not straight forward. 

Unfortunately it is more common to get caught in a system that gives you the ‘run around’, leaving you feeling frustrated and lost and in some cases unable to reach a resolution. 

Being nice or polite in these instances, may feel inauthentic and uncaring. 

Heart-based kindness looks and feels different.

It shows care and support that makes a difference and genuinely addresses the true need, in the moment in some way. 

There is nothing expected in return. 

So how can we bring more heart-based kindness to what we are in?